About Us

Zettasecure is an austrian cyber security consulting agency focusing on small- and midsized companies. With our developed phishing software it adds a product to it's portfolio which helps to reduce the price for the customers as they don't need to use inflexible utilities from other fortune 500 vendors. Due a combination of open-source software and constantly updating the portfolio it is possible to create an affordable price - Even for one man shows. Security doesn't have to be expensive anymore!

Our Mission

We've seen that people in medium and small business had problems by securing their workspace properly. As big consulting agencies can cost thousands of euros we wanted to focus on the best cost-benefit ratio to reduce the price according to your attack surface. By doing that we can offer affordable security solutions to everyone with superior service.

Our Vision

We don't think that higher security should result in bigger costs. Sometimes it is not needed to buy the biggest firewall or security software from the biggest companies. Therefore we are trying to help our customers to get a feeling what's necessary and what's oversized.

Haven’t Found What You Need? Don't worry!

Zettasecure has mostly everything to get you covered. If you have special requirements or other inquiries just sent us a mail or contact us with the button below.

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Ready for fast Response Times

Zettasecure is known for speed and high performance. We want to treat every customer like our only one!

Flexible and Multipurpose

We are ready to bring your company to the next level of security and adapt every offer to your business needs.

Small Questions

You have small questions for us? No worries! Every inquiry will be treated like big ones to get you the best service.

Affordable Prices

Our slogan says: "Security doesn't have to be expensive". And that's our spirit!

Prevent Data Loss

No one can guarantee that you won't be hacked at any time but we can support you to prevent it in an early stage! Some security is better then none.

Cloud Network Protection

There is no need to buy expensive equipment for basic security inside your company. With the cloud everything is possible - Don't worry we understand the cloud.

Who's behind Zettasecure?

We are two people with a big dream! And with our hard work we have reached so far. We studied together at the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna IT-Security and wanted to give something back to the world. With our knowledge we will help you to improve your business at things what's our passion.

Philipp Mandl


"Security is one of the most important things in all business. I want to help everyone to stay safe out there - even in harsh environments"

Andrea Kapsch

Technical Manager

"Non-standard approaches and the most complicated cases – my mission is to create balance between functionality and convenience for users to get a top-notch product"