Cyber Security Consulting

Ensuring your success together!

Zettasecure safeguards your company a secure growth within an insecure world. No matter the request, we are searching and developing a suitable solution for you depending on your request and needs. Project assistance, security concepts for businesses, technical concepts, incident response and many other services, we can deliver them!

Small Company Attackers

We see the shift from attacks against big enterprises to small companies. Therefore our consulting services can be used by small companies as well as big ones. Our first talk is always free so worth a try!

Broad Product Range

We are not limited to our own products and can search the best solution that fits your needs. Even Open-Source solutions will work sometimes, so you don't have to pay for expensive licenses.

Fast Delivery

We are treating every customer the same way and are offering fast response times and solutions. Therefore we won't slow your deployment process in any way.

How we work with you?

Contact us

Start contacting us by calling our phone number at the top or write us an e-mail to [email protected].

Information gathering

We are scheduling an appointment that helps us to understand your needs. During this process we are starting with our first ideas to deliver you the best solution.

Deliver a solution

We create a solution next to your IT so you can focus on your own business. When this process is finished we will present you the outcome and help you to deploy it or make the neccessary changes on your system.

Let's get started together!

We would love to work with you on building something together and supporting your growth. No matter what it is we are sure that we can help you!

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