Environmental commitment

Our Commitment

We at Zettasecure notice the gaining importance of environmental working. Therefore we are committed to a responsible, sustainable interaction with the environment. To ensure this we are supporting CO2 compensation projects and generally reduce our footprint by using green energy and combine this with a paperless office. If all companies would use this approach we can change the future in a good way!

Climate commitment Zettasecure

myclimate - Our Partner to Shape the Future

With the help of myclimate we can compensate our carbon dioxide impact and help the environment with our business by supporting mostly all 17 sustainable development goals. The latest awarded climate label can be found on the right and will be replaced every year!

Our Steps to help the Environment

Paperless Office

Zettasecure sends you a link to sign our contracts and compensates just the power used for this service - No paper at all!

CO2 Compensation

As it is not completely possible to be free of a bad environmental impact we are supporting CO2 compensation projects to reduce our footprint to zero.

Ecological materials

All our advertising materials are either fully offset or produced directly in such a way that there is no negative impact. Be it beer mats, business cards, stationery and more.

Green Energy

All our used power is 100% sustainable and from environmental friendly distributors - Even our Servers!

Sold Products are Compensated

If you buy products from us we will completely compensate the usage of them for you if the distributer has not the same commitment like we have.


That's definitely basic but we want to mention it anyway. We are recycling every piece of paper, plastic bottle, glass or whatever we are using in our office and our private life as well.

Supported Projects

The projects we support meet the highest possible standards (Gold Standard, Plan Vivo and VCS (incl.CBB and/or SD-VISta)) and contribute to the UN's SDGs. In this way, we not only reduce our own greenhouse gas emissions, but also contribute to the social, ecological and economic development of various regions.

Zettasecure SDGs, Environmental Support

More questions about our Commitment?

We are happy hearing from you! Don't bother asking us tricky questions what projects we are supporting or if you need certificates about our commitment. We are glad if you are feeling the same way and try to support the earth as well.

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