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Event-Safety is an Austrian mid-sized company with more than 200 employees in the event business. With errands ranging from Vienna to Salzburg, it increased its task volume even in the corona pandemic to an all time high. Founded in 1996 it is clearly a successful and durable business partner for Zettasecure. Event-Safety provisions various services such as doormans, backstage help and other things. If you are searching for a professional event partner it is definitely worth a check.

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Our Success Story

Event-Safety detected the increasing threats for his business not only in bars, discos or other event venues but also on the cyberspace. That's why the director Roland contacted us and asked for help in this field. As he did this, Event-Safety took responsibility on the security of the data and their owners.

Our Work

Zettasecure was able to improve the whole networksecurity by implementing a hybrid Firewall - EDR concept. Even if ransomware or other threats can pass this security layer, an automatic backupsystem will mitigate this infection with a restore to a previous point. To round it off we deployed a VPN solution for every remote worker. With our daily monitoring service Roland has a good feeling that nothing sketchy occurs unnoticed inside his company.

With accelerated growth my company faced a big security related problem. Philipp and his team helped me to overcome it and found a suitable solution in a timely manner. Keep on with the good work!

Roland Lehner

Director Event-Safety

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