Heimo Rausch Versicherungsmakler


HR-Versicherung is a small insurance broker located in Traiskirchen, Lower Austria. With more then 20 years experience in insurance inquiries Heimo Rausch funded his own company in 2015. Till now it has been exponentially grown and is serving more then 500 customers. With his expertise he withstands in a rough industry and is now even stronger. If you are searching for various insurances it is definitely worth a look!

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Our Success Story

As HR-Versicherung is 100% committed to insurances and finance improvements there is no time for security considerations. Due to the fact that he is handling sensitive data, Heimo contacted and engaged us to improve his security. By doing this he complies the GDPR and taking care of his customers data then no other small insurance broker in his catchment area.

Our Work

We have analyzed the initial security concept in Heimo's company and improved it by deploying endpointprotection systems, secure file transfer systems, a VPN solution and networksegmentation. With daily monitoring of these systems we are helping to stay secure these days. This is definitely far beyond traditional small companies and a big benefit for every customer.

Zettasecure helped me to improve the security for my customers by an affordable price! Even as a small insurance broker i got superior service. Now i can focus on things i am good at and deliver the best and securest possible service to my customers.

Heimo Rausch

Director HR-Versicherung

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