Firewalls (IDPS)

Firewalls designed just for you!

Zettasecure offers a full implementation of the newest Firewalls with IDPS functionality to stay safe in your environment. Take care of your servers, clients and other devices by implementing next generation solutions in your network.

Affordable Prices

As stated previously Zettasecure offers affordable prices to every customer. Our IDPS Systems are starting at about 550,- €.

Security at the Entry

Do you know what's happening inside your network? Normally the answer would be no, but with our partners solutions we can help you to gather insight and block unwanted access at the border.


The setup of such devices can be tricky and should be done by professional personnel. That's why we offer you to setup the devices as you wish!

What can an IDPS offer my business?

Cover your Network at the Border

All security solutions should start at a point. And that's definitely at the network border - so said entry!

Wifi Protection

With our Firewall or ID/PS you can even protect your Wifi against rouge APs, spoofing attempts or block unknown devices.

Hybrid solution with the Endpoint

Buy the Firewall and combine it with our endpoint protection to move to a hybrid approach. If a threat gets detected on the PC the ID/PS will cut it of the grid till the infection gets cleared.

Cloud Sandbox

Automatic analysis of files moving through your network. So even unknown threats will be discovered and blocked. Let zero-day threats no chance!

On Site VPN

Save money by deploying an own VPN with this solution. So no need for a Cloud VPN!

Simplified Management

Control all products from one dashboard and manage it by a maximum of three clicks!

Searching for Prices?

As you know Zettasecure is extremely open with it's price tag! But with Firewalls/IDPS it is hard to give you a real amount as it varies from company to company. It depends mostly on the amount of users inside a network, size of hardware, license needed and many many more. So we cannot list it like our other products where it is easy to determine what a user will cost in a month. To give a range about the expense we say that the cheapest Firewall will be about 550,- € at time of writing and can move up depending on every need.

Haven’t found what you like? Don't worry we got you covered!

Zettasecure has mostly everything to get you covered. If you have special requirements or other inquiries just sent us a mail or contact us with the button below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

By deploying an IDPS/Firewall inside your network you consider security as a must have in your company! It is the first item to get started securing the work environment. With an IDPS you detect threats at the border and block them even before entering your office. Additionally a local VPN Solution can reduce your costs ins establishing a secure connection from everywhere inside the world. So you don't have to use a cloud VPN and leave the data at your homestation. By using various technologies like content filtering, cloud sandbox or an advanced threat protection you are even fitted for the newest attacks.

Sure! We would love to do that. You can purchase the appliance as standalone or fully configured by us. It is also possible to use Zettasecure as an external "SOC - Security Operations Center", which notifies you about threats and helps you to mitigate it.

We at Zettasecure are constantly evaluating which solution is the best in the industry. In our opinion appliances by Sophos have the advantage that they are easy to setup and manageable for small and midsized companies. And this comes with no real disadvantage! So you will find other vendors as well but we believe in Sophos.