Incident Response

What happens when it happened?

We think that no business or individual is 100% secure and it is just a matter of time that a Cyberattack is successful. We are here when this happens and help you to contain the breach and restore your system if possible. With our highly trained operators we can manage your incident on site or remote - depending on your needs.

Fast Recovery

We are trying to keep your downtime to a minimum so your company can start working again. By doing this we are reducing the impact of a Cyberattack for you.

Skilled Operators

Our employees are constantly containing different cyberattacks at customers coming from all industry's. By doing this, we are gathering more insights on all types of attacks and can help you to mitigate yours faster than everyone else.

Forensic Data

The containment of an incident is one side. But you also want to know where it came from. We are trying to find the source entry for all types of attacks to cut the hackers off your network and prevent further attacks.

Get started

Contact us

Start contacting us by calling our phone number at the top or write us an e-mail to [email protected].

Information gathering

Due to the importance of such an event we are here to help immediately and for gathering all information necessary to mitigate the attack.


We are coming to you or are engaging via the internet directly in your network. For that we are deploying various software to find the hackers and cut them off the network.

Let's get started together!

If you think you are affected by an attack - don't wait for an invite and contact us immediately! We are mitigating it together with your local IT and help you to restore the systems.

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