Cyber Security for Influencers/People in Public

Exposed to the world? - Let's get secured!

Public exposed people, Gamers or Influencers are facing many threatening situations during their work. Permanently connected, always on the move and contact to many people and companies. Threat actors are utilizing their connections, profiles or data to start successful attacks against a big followerbase. As mostly 100% of the business is online you need to think of a way to protect them. We at Zettasecure have seen that no cybersecurity company offers packages and help for those people and focus on securing their accounts, devices, employers and brand. We can do this by offering valuable products and knowledge paired with 100% discretion.

Find your Data

We are constantly monitoring your personal data on the internet, deep web and darknet. By doing this we can cover you and warn you in case of any databreach.

100% privacy guaranteed

Zettasecure offers you 100% privacy. We will never share any data, no matter at what cost!

We secure your Brand!

The Brand is one of your crown jewels. We secure them by helping you configuring the accounts in the best way, notifying you for known attacks, analyzing/monitoring the attack surface and much more.

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Start contacting us by calling our phone number at the top or write us an e-mail to [email protected].

Find your Gaps

We are assessing your current setup and find your gaps we can cover for you.

Start a contract

Depending on your needs we set up a contract that helps your company to fix all issues and solve your IT-Security problems.

Assess your attack surface!

Do you know what's currently out there? We help you to find mostly everything attackers would also find to start attacking your brand. By knowing your attacking surface we can plan suitable solutions against it and protect your brand effectively.

Osint Analysis
influencer security words

Focus on your business not one Person.

We understand that a public exposed person/influencer/gamer cannot fulfill their work without a strong team. Therefore we focus on the whole company and everything that's attached to secure the brand.

Our Packages

Our Packages are not fixed and can vary based on your needs. They should give you a feeling what we can do and how we can help you securing your brand. No matter if a gamer, streamer, influencer or generally public exposed person we can help to protect you and your brand on the move.

most popular
Streamer Protection
from € 169,-brand/monthly
  • Periodically OSINT Analysis of one brand
  • Advanced Password Safe
  • Central Dashboard for own company management
  • Shared VPN Solution with split tunneling for streaming
  • Enterprise Antivirus Solution optimized for streaming
  • Security Advisories for your security
  • Works with your local IT Team
  • One-Time Setup Fee
  • Management by Zettasecure
  • Configuration assistance for your social media accounts
  • No minimum Term
  • Additional staff for 23€/month
Influencer Protection
from € 89,-brand/monthly
  • Periodically OSINT Analysis of one Person
  • Basic Password Safe
  • Shared VPN Solution for mobile
  • Shared VPN Solution for desktops
  • Advanced Antivirus Solution
  • Security Advisories for your business
  • One-Time Setup Fee
  • Supportive management by Zettasecure
  • No minimum Term
  • Additional staff for 19€/month
Brand Protection
from € 289,-brand/monthly
  • Periodically OSINT Analysis of one Brand/Person
  • Enterprise Password Safe
  • Password leak Scanner
  • Central Dashboard for own company management
  • Dedicated VPN Solution
  • Enterprise Antivirus Solution
  • Periodic Security checks by Zettasecure
  • Periodic Awareness checks by Zettasecure
  • Security Advisories fitting your brand
  • Access to Phishcom
  • No One-Time Fee
  • Supportive management by Zettasecure
  • No minimum Term
  • Additional staff for 26€/month

Let's get started together!

We would love to work with you on building a suitable Security infrastructure together and supporting your growth. No matter what it is we are sure that we can help you!

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