Open Source Intelligence Analysis

Know your attack surface!

Conducting an Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) analysis is in our opinion one of the most important tasks a company has to take. It uncovers Shadow-IT, unwanted information disclosure, unknown vulnerabilities and your whole attack surface. We think like attackes and see how far we can get. This assessment is conducted at every customer of Zettasecure to help them protecting their most valuable assets.

Detect Issues

With an OSINT analysis you can find weaknesses you didn't even know about. Even as an influencer, microbusiness or medium sized company this is a good starting point.

Detect Shadow-IT

Your employees are getting resourceful when it comes to corporate policies. Sometimes they are trying to get work done faster than others and opening the company network to an unknown risk. With an OSINT analysis you can detect such blindspots and fix them before something happens.

Small Prices

Depending on the size of a business, the prices for one assessment start from 195€ which is pretty low. Even for microbusinesses.

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Information gathering

We are scheduling an appointment that helps us to understand your needs and set a clear focus. We don't want too much information from you as this would affect the assessment.


We are conducting the assessment and try to find as much information as possible. Then we write a report and start discussing it.

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