What happened so far? - Our Story

Initial Idea of a Phishing Mail Generator

After Andrea received a Phishing Mail in late January, which was kind of funny, she showed it to me. During this time we were still studying IT-Security and got much time to think about it how to prevent others from clicking on it. With that in mind we thought we could use the same techniques like the scammers and use it in a good way.

Starting the development

The idea hooked us both so hard that we started investigating if others had this in mind. We found out that only the big player are using such a software but you have to buy licenses for every single person. As we had a different pricing model in mind, which is easier and cheaper for small companies, we started the development in April.

Funding by University of Applied Sciences - FH Campus Vienna

In 2019 we were pretty far with our software and the first version worked. We presented this idea to a start-up committee of the University of Applied Sciences and requested a funding of it.

Funding approved

In March 2019 our funding of the University FH Campus Vienna got approved and we had the possibility to use the complete power of them.

Development-phase 2/3 Finished

As such a software has much functionality, and we are both still studding, we need to take more time for other things.

Focus of Zettasecure changed

As a Phishing Mail Simulator is a very specific software we thought a big portfolio would help us to grow attention on an austrian security product.

Starting of Legal analysis

Austria and the EU is a legal jungle for non lawyers like us. Therefore we needed someone who is specialized on legal things. We started a search and cleared all legal problems with our software and company.

Creation of our Webpage

We started creating our webpage in two languages and contacted various vendors if they want to work with us.

It's Showtime

After talking to a lot of companies and entering into various partnerships and certifications, it was time to take off. Zettasecure opened its doors to customers who did not come from direct intermediaries!

The MSP Issue

We have seen the problem that Managed Service Providers are the biggest risk for small and midsized companies as they mostly focus on fixing issues for their customers and forget to pay attention to the Security aspects. Therefore we teamed up with a MSP and created a solution that covers both. One company that focus on Security and one that fixes all issues. Together we can shape the future!