Phishing Simulator

Phishcom - Your own on demand phishing simulator!

Do you know what employee is vulnerable to phishing? With our on demand phishing mail and smishing generator you can test your employees and see who is a risk for your business!

Affordable Prices

As stated previously Zettasecure offers affordable prices to every customer. Our System starts with a price of 9,- € for a simple test package, which is less then your monthly Netflix expenses.

Protect your employees

By using a phishing simulator you have the possibility to determine risky users. With that in mind you can protect your employees by teaching really people who are in need. You save money and time.

Configuration of own servers

With Phishcom you can use your own e-mail server and don't have to setup SPF entries or modify your DNS settings. Additionally it will be possible to use our system completely inside your environment. No internal data needs to be transfered!

What are the features of Phishcom?

Sending E-Mails

Obviously sending Mails is one of the main features of this system. Don't worry they won't harm any system and are just looking like phishing mails.


Smishing is a rising threat. With Phishcom you can send Text Messages to your employees and see who is affected at this channel. (Coming in 2022)

Display on all Devices

Phishcom supports all devices including phones, laptops or desktop PCs. One Phishing Mail works everywhere!

Generate statistic Data

After a campaign you can generate beautiful reports and see which department needs more training than others.

Stop Attackers with Awareness

Mostly every successful Cyberattack started with Phishing at some point. With knowledge who is more exposed you can establish more successful trainings and save money.

On Site Hosting

Don't hand over your companies email addresses and names to us by using our on site software. (Coming in 2022)


most popular
Phishcom Basic
from € 0,60 user/monthly
  • 30 days campaign
  • 3 phishing mails per user
  • 2 domains to pick
  • 3 templates
  • Prices may vary
Phishcom Premium
from € 1,50 user/monthly
  • 30 days campaign
  • 5 phishing mails per user
  • 2 premium smishing sms
  • 5 domains to pick
  • 15 templates
  • Prices may vary
Phishcom Enterprise
from € 1,90 user/monthly
  • 30 days campaign
  • 10 phishing mails per user
  • 5 premium smishing sms
  • 10 domains to pick
  • 30 templates
  • Prices may vary
Phishcom Test package
9,-€for 30 days
  • 30 days campaign
  • 15 User
  • 2 phishing mails per user
  • 1 premium smishing sms
  • 2 domains to pick
  • 3 templates
  • without setup fee
  • Prices may vary

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Frequently Asked Questions

Security breaches are expensive and happening all the time. According to a study from 2021 by Egress almost three-quarters (73%) of organizations have suffered data breaches caused by phishing attacks. To save money and help your employees, it is necessary to determine which one is more exposed than others. By testing them at a recurring basis the IT is able to plan awareness trainings for people who are really in need of them. You save money, time and improve the overall security by using our software.

We invest in working software more than in marketing or design. With that in mind and our company size we can give it to you by a very small price like a Netflix subscription. Anyway, that are just emails and sms with some analytics. Why should we charge 600€ or more for 20 Mails like others? We want to help not to fleec you!

No one can 100% guarantee that your data will be safely stored and is unaccessible for others. We at Zettasecure are always trying our best and using multiple security concepts to ensure data security. The webpage will be protected by a WAF. As an addon we are using Cloudflare which helps us to reduce the impact at a DOS or DDOS attack. The website is fully written by us and no CMS is running in the background so no one can overtake our frontpage because there is no login mask. The phishcom database is on a separate server and granular user permissions are set. We are using JWT for authentication which is state of the art and rotating our encryption keys on a monthly basis. Your passwords are saved by using an argon2 hash which is better than any other hashing algorithm as per now. So yea we are pretty state of the art!