Phishing Mail Analysis

You received a phishing mail and clicked on it?

Don't worry about it. We can help and analyze the suspected mail for you. No matter if you opened attachments, followed links or downloaded and installed some software, we are happy to help and support you with this problem!

Fast Response

We know speed is essential during such an incident. Therefore we are trying everything to help you in time and reduce the impact on your business.

Other Channels Supported

Our service is not limited to mails alone. No matter if Phishing, Vishing, Smishing, messages on Facebook and so on. We can help you with all types of channels.

File Attachments

Your phishing mail contains an attachment? No worries! We will analyze all of them with our special systems and try to determine what it does and how to mitigate it for you.

What are the steps to get help?

Contact us

Start contacting us by calling our phone number at the top or write us an e-mail to [email protected].

Information gathering

Send us all information you have via email. Include the original mail as an attachment and explain your problem in detail.

Get help

We are gathering all information and start analyzing your suspected mail. We will deliver a detailed report containing the next steps and contact you immediately.

Need help with Phishing Mails?

No matter if just unsafe, you already clicked on it, want to prevent such incident or you just want to check your PC. We are here to help you in any condition at a reasonable price.

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