External Security Operations Center

External SOC for companies

Cyber Security is an important and hard task. It needs a big understanding from the own infrastructure and much knowledge how attackers are currently moving around and what you can do against it. Therefore it is important to have specialized staff just for these type of tasks. We at Zettasecure can help your local IT to analyze EDR logs, make active threathunting and find gaps, your employees won't see. Close your skillgap with our service and set it on top of your IT operations.

Small Companies

Our service will work for small companies as well as big ones. We find the perfect solution for you and reduce the response time to get the costs down. Every contract will be individually to get the perfect fit for everyone.

Security Advisories

We are constantly monitoring the world for new types of attacks and you will receive important notifications about attacks that could target your company. Next to it we support your IT with mitigations of Zero-Days.

Boost your Security

Let Zettasecure observe your company's security and close skillgaps of your employees. We are manly focused on security and won't help you with Office problems but we detect hackers and attackchains like no one else.

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We are assessing your current setup and find your gaps we can cover for you.

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